Hello and a very warm welcome to IrishCeremonies.ie - offering a personal, caring and sincere touch for all of life’s important celebrations.

Life is full of events. Celebrations and rituals give meaning to these and offer us the opportunity and chance to connect with each other and ourselves. Some events are cause for great joy while others may mark sad occasions like the passing of a loved one. Each one should be truly meaningful, memorable and personal to you.

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I offer services for people of all faiths or none. You choose how much or how little spiritual or religious content you would like and together we will create a beautiful, personalised and heartfelt ceremony. I am also licensed to perform legal weddings in Ireland.

Ceremonies can take place at any venue of your choice and I am happy to travel throughout Ireland and wider afield if called for.

I hope you have found the information in my website helpful and I invite you to take a look at the services I offer. I would be delighted to discuss your needs and how I can help.

About Me

I am an Independent Celebrant, working with people to create special and memorable ceremonies for Weddings, Funerals, Baby Naming and other important life events.

I have trained with the One Spirit Interfaith Foundation/Seminary and was ordained an Independent Celebrant on the 29th July 2017.

I have experience in the helping profession for over twenty years. I have had a varied career in Personal Development, Spiritual Healing internationally. Through my studies with the One Spirit Interfaith Foundation, have recently qualified as a Spiritual Counsellor.

I offer a caring and sincere service using many skills, especially the skill of listening to the needs of the people I work with, and then formulating that in a ceremony that makes it personal, meaningful, and heartfelt for you.

I offer a full range of services from helping you to plan and write your own ceremony to conducting the event for you.

I am happy to travel to anywhere in Ireland, U.K or the world.

I would like to speak with you in more detail about your requirements and invite you to contact me for more information.

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