The birth of a child is a time of rejoicing, a time to gather family and friends together to celebrate a precious new life.

A ceremony of blessing and naming is a delightful way to mark the birth and to honour the love and support of family, friends and community.

I can help you to create a ceremony that welcomes your new baby and allows your child to be formally named in the presence of family and friends. You may wish to involve other special people, Grandparents, God parents, or others who will have a role and responsibility in the life of your child.

A baby blessing ceremony may be held in the quiet privacy of your own home, or you may wish to assemble outside in nature, or in a wonderful hotel.. Wherever it might be held, this special occasion will be a time of thanksgiving , blessing and celebration and will be inspired by your own inner beliefs and traditions.

Your Ceremony of Naming or Blessing will be a unique welcome to your child, lovingly created and personalised, reflective of your family, your values and your beliefs.

I invite you to get in touch to discuss your plans for this wonderful occasion that marks the beginning of your child's life.

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